January 2008

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3D Donut

3D Donut. 15 min project

This project is very simple and intended for those, who just started play Photoshop’s "do re mi fa sol la si…"


1. Using Pen Tool draw 2 circles similar to those below


2. Use Transform command and switch to Warp weird Tool to create uneven shape for the future donut

3. Two following images illustrate power of Layer Styles
4. To create donut topping crumbs, I set Brush to the specified settings, where Brush tip is single 4px dot(please note that crumbles are dark – it is just to make it visible. In real they should be set to light beige color)
5. This picture shows Layers I made. Purpose of Roll 2 and Roll 3 Layers made to adjust highlights and shadows of the donut.

Written by okgrafix on January 27th, 2008 with 3 comments.
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