Welcome to Photoshop 3D. The place things can happend. This site is not for boring, sometimes useless effects(how to create embossed text, glowing button or create brick wall) you can meet each and every time you visit Photoshop related websites. What if you need particular object for your project? It can be magnifying glass or cut lemon, antique chair or yellow envelope. Of course you can go to nearest grocery and buy lemons or find image of chair on the Internet. Well… but what if it is 10 pm, all lemons look horrible, light is not you like and your only camera is dead. And you need finish your project tomorrow morning? We are here to teach you simple Adobe Photoshop only techniques, tips and tricks to let you create very realistic looking object in no time! In 15 minutes you can make quite complicate image, knowing just a couple techniques… Nothing about 3ds Max or SoftImage, Lightwave or Maya… Sounds interesting, huh? Dear friends. you are encouraged to leave your comments and your own projects on this blog. To subscribe to Photoshop3D, please click here. The team.

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