3D Basket

3D Basket. 2 hours project

This time I will share with you, dear Photoshop lovers, secret of creation willow weave. Though, I am not redneck and my last visit to countryside was about 5 years ago(somewhere near Phoenix, AZ), I am in a desperate passion to folk stuff. You know, those baskets, clay pottery and plaid blankets…

1. On the corresponding picture you can see pattern I made for basket Body. Pretty siple, huh? And then I applied mentioned pattern into rectangular selection.
2. I created path and cut off outer part of basket Body. Then, using Edit -> Transform -> Warp tool(quite a helpful edition to Photoshop), I shaped basket Body regarding to needed perspective view. After that I created inner part of the basket, duplicating part of outer part of basket Body. In order to follow basket design I had to flip inner part vertically. To complete Body creation, shadows were added.
3. In the followinf steps I made basket Handle and Rim. First I made Brush(you can see it on the picture). Then I customized it. and applied it to pre-made Paths. To make these things look dimensionally, I applied some Bevel from Layer Styles.
4. In the final step I added plaid nepkins and a bottle of my favorite Chardonnay(you can find 3d Bottle lesson here ). I brought basket, full of yummy things(unfortunately you can’t see fresh vegetables, Abbaye de Belloc fromage and plate of “Gold” Korkunoff chocolate, because these are inside of a basket, :-l ) to the green grass, which was also made with Photoshop’s default Brush set. Some final touches and voila! Bon appetite, my friends!

Written by okgrafix on March 7th, 2007 with no comments.
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