3D Chocolate

3D Chocolate. 30 min project

Today is a day of confession. I am an chocolate addict. I eat 2 bars a day on a regular basis. Probably can do more.Most definitely. Just never ‘ve been brave enough buy more… Once I was in Paris and stuck in amazement at a door of a little belgium choco store(somewhere in Saint-Germain, somewhere at a corner of Rue Cuvier & Rue Jussieu. It was just like a golden bonbon dream… But well my digital chocolate lesson not actually about chocolate itself, but rather I invented how to create metallic foil effect in Photoshop. At least, I have never saw this effect made by somebody else… So, here you are… eat my choco!


1. First of all, for the taste of chocolate, I created just one piece with help of same old Layer Styles. And when I was satisfied with it I just multiplied to get 4 by 7 bar.


2. And now main purpose of this project – realistic metal foil. For years I was so foolish to despise Gradient Modes other, than regular Linear and maybe Radial… How unforgivingly stupid I was!!! I got to repeat…. STUPID!

Anyway, I made square selection and started to fill it with… Diamond gradient in a Difference mode. After 6-8 chaotic draggs I applied Filter -> Stylize – Emboss with following parameters: Angle=130°, Height=2px, Amount=250% to have some crumpled paper effect.

3. In following steps I saved "crumpled paper" sample as Custom Brush shape. Named it "Foil". I changed my Custom Brush setting the way to make it as crazy as possible: highest Size and Angle Jitters, large amount of Scattering parameters.
4. Then I started to draw with Paint Brush in… of course, Difference mode. You can play it as long, as you want – it is addiction, it is just like caleidoscope… Wow! For the great fun, change your "Foil" Brush Size and Opacity. On a top of my "Foil" Layer I made colored Layer, with applied Cloud Filter to it, where Fore/Background colors are blue/gold. I setting Blend Mode of this Layer to Overlay to see underlying "Foil" Layer.

5. In the final steps added paper wrapper to my choco bar. I transformed my objects to make them look dimensional, added some texts, drop shadows, glows, etc.

Bon Appetitte!


Written by okgrafix on August 7th, 2007 with 2 comments.
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#1. June 1st, 2009, at 12:02 PM.

The foil wrapper looks amazingly lifelike and probably takes a while to make.

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#2. March 15th, 2012, at 6:53 AM.

I Like dis seriously. . . .

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