3D Hourglass

3D Hourglass. 45 min project

What thing we value more than anything? Time. What thing we waste? Time. This simple subject caused me get thoughtful(what’s not happening to me very often) and I decided dedicated my time depicting a time holder…


1. As always, Path with Path Tool. Filled it in black. Duplicated shape and using Edit -> Free Transform(Ctrl/Cmnd + T) -> Flipped Horizontal. Then I combined left and right sides of Glass part of HG.


2. Similar actions were taken to create top Column sample. After I created top part of this object I duplicated layer and Flipped Vertical, using same Free Transform Ball shaped object was creted on the Tween Layer. I grouped((Ctrl/Cmnd + G) all three layers together in one Folder called "Column Left"

3. In the next phase I created wooden texture. Many of you probably heard about this technique, though I will remind – repeating is the mother of learning. I made 1 pixel selection with Rectangular Selection Tool and filled it in grey. Then I applied Add Noise Filter( Amount=400, Gaussian, Monochromatic). After it I used again my best Photoshop assistant – Free Transform Tool to stretch texture.
4. As you see from the corresponding picture Image -> Adjustment -> Hue/Saturation((Ctrl/Cmnd + U) was applied to my texture. I made a New Layer n a top of a textured Layer and filled it in light-brown color. Adjusting Layer Opacity I got necessery color for my Wood texture. Then I merged these two Layers.
5. Here I’ve tried to make texture uneven, trying approach more natural effect. Edit – Transform – Warp was taken first and then FIlters -> Liquify(Ctrl/Cmnd + Shift + X)
6. I prefer create objects on separate Layers – what would be always easy to edit them in a case I change my mind. In a case of those lttle Ball shaes(they made from Ball shape, 2 shapes for holder and Drop Shadow), I goupped them in one Ball Shape folder and then made two more versions of this folder. I applied Layer Style to make them 3d look and texture to all of my objects, perspectively distorted them when needed.
7. I made 2 more versions of "Column Left" group, naming them "Column Right" and "Column Hind". Last one will be behind Glass part of my HG. And again, Layer Style and then wooden texture was applied to all of HG columns.
8. Custom Brush shape was created to make some kind of dust and scratches to add some realism to wooden parts of HG.
9. Since I decided to make some kind of mystical feelings. I switch my background color to grey and Glass part to White. I added Layer Mask to Glass Layer and loaded Glass Shape selection onto Layer Mask Then I Contracted selection and Featherd it from Select -> Modify -> Contract and Select -> Modify -> Feather(Ctrl/Cmnd + Alt/Opt +D), with values seen on a picture and filled selection in black.
10. Finally, I spend another 10 minutes to create Sand parts of my HG. I added highlights, drop shadows and reflections to make it more natural.

Written by okgrafix on July 29th, 2007 with 1 comment.
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#1. November 13th, 2007, at 10:23 PM.

Great, I am a fan!

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