3D Paper Boat

3D Paper Boat. 15 min project

As poet said: he has spectacles on his nose and Autumn in his heart. It’s about me tonight. I am in a blue mood. I remembered my childhood and a time when I sent my first paper boat to a overseas trip…


1. First of all I have drawn a quick sketch of a paper boat and used it as a guide for my future 3d boat

2. On a New transparent Layer, using Pen Tool I quickly(how smart I was creating sketch!) outlined my drawing. I saved created Path with "Side R"(meaning right side) name.

3. I loaded "Side R" Path and filled selection with warm grey color
4. Then I duplicated "Side R" Path, renaming it to "Side L". Why I did it? Because left and right sides of a boat are identical, except theirs top part. So, I just moved down and corrected position of two anchor points of the path to shape left side of my boat. I loaded "Side L" Path and filled it with a bit lighter grey, then I did for "Side R" on a New Layer.
5. In the following step I created a "Deck-House" Path, loaded and filled in another shade of grey on its own Layer to differ it from left and right sides of the boat. Dodge and Burn Tools – that’re right tools to make 3d impression!

6. On a top of each of a left, right and deck-house Layers I placed a New Layer with image of vintage nespaper(guilty, I found old "New York Times" photo somewhere on Internet, using Google image search engine). I moved and rotated each newspaper image unevenly.

As, probably, you alredy figured out, all I needed it was create Layer Mask for each of my nespaper Layers, where I set "Newspaper" Layers to Multiply.

Bon Voyage my little Paper Boat!


Written by okgrafix on March 21st, 2007 with no comments.
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