3D Tennis

3D Tennis. 1 hour project

First tennis rule I learnt was: hold racquet by its handle just like you’d hold a little bird. Not too tight, not to loose. Do not choke it and don’t let it go. Same thing about Wacom Pen…

Another most important lesson I got, was: if you got first decision, follow it immediately. For example: you decided strike hard, but in a fraction of second another "smart" idea coming to your head. What about deep top-spin? Balance between two completely different decisions will cause you send your winning ball right to the net. Thanks God, we have Photoshop and always can "undo" wrong decision.

My favorite tennis player of all times is Mr. Boris Becker. My favorite photoshopper of all time is Mr. Russel Brown. What about you?


1. Let start with ball. Though I could start drawing selection and filled in needed color. I thought to make Ellipse Shape Tool(Toolbox shortcut V) in a Path Mode. Holding Ctrl/Cmnd +Shift(to constraing its verticals and horizontals) I drew a perfect circle. Later you will understand why I used U-Tool. And saved Path, giving name "Ball". Pourquoi pas?


2. I loaded my "Ball" Path to selection and only now filled it in mustard color(#b89300)

3. Using Rounded Rectangle Tool I draw some kind of a capsule shape, also in Path Mode. Seconds later I was ready modify path. I added two points to Path one for its top part and another to a bottom. Then I moved both points inside a bit. And then I tweak a bit "Slice" Path, making illusion of a perspective. And then I stroked this path with Brush.
4. As you see on a corresponding picture I applied Layer Style to stroked line on a "Slice" Layer. And brought "Slice" Layer right on a top of a "Ball" Layer
5. In this step I applied Layer Style to my ball.

6. And now – Photoshop3D Hair Replacement Office and Barber Shop side-by-side!

Remember in step #1 I promised explain why I made "Ball" Path. This Path will be a base for ball’s fur. I prepered custom Brush Shape(see it in the "marching ants" selection?). The small one. For better view I zoomed it in to show it should be a bit fuzzy, though you are free to use your own shape. It can be not just a straight line but maybe a bit curly.

7. First I saved this New Brush Shape shape and then stroked "Ball" path with my Custom "Ball Fur 01" Brush. Keep in mind, that Custom Brush Shape: Dynamic -> Angle Jitter should be set to Direction in its options. Only then hair will grow in the right direction.
8. I duplicated "Ball" Path and transformed it using Ctrl/Cmnd + Shift + T shortcut making this circular path a bit smaller, than its parental path. And as in a step 7, I stroked this new path with same Custom "Ball Fur 01" Brush.
9. I repeated step 8 as many times, as I reached center of a ball..
10. Here’s completed result of my "hairy" tennis ball. Some tweakings, some shadows, some blur and text on ball’s face.
11. Let’s talk about racquet. And one more time, remember my "Ball" path? Ain’t a smart one I was? I duplicated it and renamed to "Head". Using Edit -> Transform Path -> Warp, I’ve got "head" shape I considered right. Then I stroke "Head" path on a New "Head" Layer. I made new "Neck" paths and also stroked them on a separate "Neck" Layer.
12. In this step I added 3d feeling, appling Layer Style to both "Head" and "Neck" Layers. Also I created vertical and horizontal strings. You know what, I wasn’t lazy to count them to make it as close as possible to my original "Prince" racquet-bird.
13. Other details, leather handle wrap, simbols, highlights and racquet is done. Though, it is in a front projection and still looks flat.

14. I merged all Racquet Layers in one "Racquet Top" Layer, except "Strings". Then I duplicated "Racquet" Layer and renamed it to "Racquet Bot " Layer and placed all my layers in following position:

a) "Racquet Top" Layer
b) "Strings" Layer
c) "Racquet Bot" Layer

I darkened, burnt" "Racquet Bot" Layer and broght it closer to "Racquet Top" to make illusion of two rims of racquet head. Some final tweaks and voila! Silence,

mesdames et messieurs… Game is over!


Written by okgrafix on August 5th, 2007 with no comments.
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