3D Fried Eggs

3D Fried Eggs. 20 min project

This time I will teach you the easiest way to "cook" 3d eggs. My recipe is quite simple! Count it as a promo of my Photoshop3D restaurant.


1. As always I started with black circle to make an eggs white. Funny… I distorted it with Warp Tool first…
2. and then with Liquify Filter. Look like a pizza pie, isn’t it? Gotta keep this idea for the future "3D Pizza" project.
3. On a top of all I applied Filter -> Distort -> Glass, to make irregular edges.
4. Now it is turn to make it white. Apply Layer Style with Drop Shadow / Emboss(texture) / Color Overlay. Customize Brush behavior to make highlights, burnt spots and speckles on white face.
5. Let’s drop some yolks on white! Create ellips, distorted it a bit with notorious Warp Tool. Apply Layer Style. Add some highlight spot.
6. And the final thing – make it bubbled. Using Custom Brush preset create circle of a small circles. And now "bubbling magic". I created new Layer Style for it. Voila!
Bon Appetite!

Written by okgrafix on March 17th, 2007 with 1 comment.
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#1. July 10th, 2007, at 8:05 AM.

wow good work
i hope see more
thank you

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