3D Tomato

3D Tomato. 15 min project

Well… Dunno about you – tomato is my favorite vegetable. How tasteful pick it right from its bush, wipe it with your shirt sleve andTthis part is not for germs fighters) and put it in your mouth… Oh, sorry, let’s get back to a tution. This tutorial is quite simple and also intended for beginners.



1. As all rounded ojects tomato image should be started from creating a circle. To make shape more natural we have to distorted it a bit. Edit -> Transform -> Warp and Filter -> Liquify will help us to do so. Usage of transformation tools will make object silhouette not so sharp, which is good for realistic purposes…

2. Photoshop has great 3d tool. It is Layer Style: Bevel/Emboss. Use its high values anytime you need to create dimensional effect on the object.

To round our "signore Pomidore" we need make reflection on the opposite side to light direction. Highlights made in two different Opacity Layers – one for blurred version and another for bright. To create highlight use small to medium size Brushes.

3. I used Custom Shape Tool to make tomato crown, checked "Star" and Indent Sides by 70% in the Geometry/Polygon Options. Distorted it a bit with that famous Liquify Filter and using Burn Tool added natural light-shadow impression. What else? Oh, yeah! Drop shadow. When light, which coming from the your window is "warm", add some kind of a "cold" tint(not just a medium grey) to a shadow to make it more realistic.

Written by okgrafix on March 18th, 2007 with 1 comment.
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#1. January 17th, 2008, at 1:26 AM.

very excelent idea.

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